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Where to find International nursing jobs?

Professional Connections is working with leading tertiary hospitals around the world, particularly in Australia, The Middle East, UK and Ireland. 

Why work overseas?

Working abroad is a terrific way to not only grow in your career, but also to experience a new culture and widen your horizons. Nursing or working as a healthcare professional abroad can provide an opportunity for total immersion in a foreign culture in a way that traveling as a tourist could not.

Any work experience will make you attractive to employers, but working internationally may be particularly beneficial in developing certain strengths and skills. These include:

Healthcare Jobs in the Middle East

The Middle East continues to be a great place to work, and our clients there have spent tremendous effort recruiting and retaining Western nurses and other healthcare staff to work at their facilities. For many, the Middle East has proven to be a place where they enjoy staying and working more than well. The opportunity to grow in your career, the financial benefits, the cultural experience, the new friendships, and the opportunity to work in a truly multicultural environment can be a positive, life changing experience. The Middle East is a place where a Western nurse can make a real, lasting difference.

The opportunities to travel are also worth noting. The Middle East is a perfect jumping off point for parts of the world, where one might not ordinarily visit. If you have a yen for exploration beyond the usual tourist traps, the Middle East has much to offer. There are Roman, Greek and Byzantine ruins in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan; meteor craters; vast deserts and spectacular Nabatean tombs in Saudi Arabia; and Tropical oasis in the Oman. The list goes on and on. Also for the ones that enjoy scuba diving, the Red Sea offers spectacular opportunities for that.

While the phrase "take your career to the next level" is overused in this industry, working in the Middle East often provides nurses and healthcare staff with far more responsibility than they would see in a comparable organization at home. For sure you will be stretched and challenged, but you will also gain valuable expertise. Working with multinational colleagues will serve you well in your subsequent career.

Nursing jobs in the United Kingdom

International travel is "the future of nursing", and the United Kingdom is a great destination for those, who are new to travelling nurse roles. Professional Connections deals with select clients in the most desirable locations in the UK.

More than 15,000 qualified nurses travel to Britain every year to work given the wide variety of available jobs including general nurses, specialist nurses, pediatric nurses and midwives. In high demand are RMN's and RGN's, Nurse Mangers and specialist nursing jobs including A&E (Emergency Department), ITU (ICU), Pediatric, Scrub, Anesthetic and Recovery nursing jobs.

Nursing jobs in Australia

Where can you get the best of all worlds? Where can you get the benefits of big city life, without the hassle? Where can you get a great healthcare job that will take you places and fit in with your life? Australia!

Professional Connections is a NSW Health PORA Agency. Working in Partnership with New South Wales Health, we are recruiting Registered Nurses, Midwives and Mental Health Nurses for Sydney, Metropolitan, Suburban and Rural Hospitals in the Australian State of New South Wales.

Read more about living in New South Wales here.

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