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Some nurses ask why we do not advertise the nursing pay rates offered by The Middle East Hospitals. Registered Nurses / Staff Nurses in our client hospitals used to be paid the same rate, no matter if they had the minimum requirement of two years post graduate experience or many years of experience. Nowadays for nurses, a basic salary is paid, added to this is a speciality pay band commensurate with the unit or ward area to which you are assigned plus additional payments for years of experience and post-graduate courses. Therefore, when you apply, we will advise the salary you will be offered. 

The basic nursing salary will depend on which country you obtained your nursing license and where you have gained your recent relevant nursing experience. 

So whether you are a British Nurse,  an Irish Nurse, a Finnish Nurse, a Portuguese Nurse, a European Nurse or a Nurse from North America, Australia or New Zealand, Professional Connections can advise the salary and the posts you are eligible to apply for in a number of the leading ranked hospitals in The Middle East. 

For a quotation on a salary in The Middle East, please send your cv / resume to jobs@profco.com


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