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The Long Term Care Hospital in Riyadh (LTCH)

The LTCH is situated close to the centre in a vibrant part of Riyadh.  The LTCH will be a state-of-the-art facility, providing care to the following categories of patients:

Rehabilitation Patients who are medically stable enough to benefit from intensive rehabilitative treatment

Level 1- Patients who do not have the ability to take care of themselves because of mental or physical disability

Level 2- Patients who are medically stable and who may be recovering from illness or surgery and require a rehabilitation program because of weakness or a need for continuous medical supervision

Level 2- Bariatric patients

Level 2- Patients with dementia

Level 3-Patients with complex but stable conditions requiring daily medical supervision and specialised care in addition to nursing care

Level 3b - As above, but also including those requiring ventilator support

Level 3b- VIP patients including those requiring ventilator support

Who are we hiring? See the job listing below - No placement fees. 

We are hiring Filipino and Indian nurses, charge nurses and ward managers and Filipino and Indian trained health care Professionals for all other posts. We are seeking Western and Eastern European trained nurses for some of the ward manager roles as well as the quality lead role. Click on a job  and let 's us advise you which role/s you can apply for. We will answer you within 24 hours Monday to Fridays.  POEA processing and exit formalities in The Philippines and India will be done by our partner agencies in The Philippines and India.   It's Easy When You  Have The Right Connections-  Let Professional Connections- Profco assist you. 

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